A Note

I was planning to write a regular post today, but it always seems a little frivolous after a tragedy like the one in Boston yesterday. I realize that there are catastrophes such as this occurring daily around the world. I guess this one hits me closer to home because it’s in my country. My heart goes out to the victims and their families, as I’m reminded once again that life is short.

Let us all be grateful for what we do have, with an understanding that nothing in this life is permanent. It seems that each of us is only a phone call away from the overwhelming grief that many are feeling now. We all have to take the good with the bad, but with a focus on the good we can live not in fear but in hope. And my prayers go out to those who are too much in the middle of heartbreak to see hope, that someday their hearts may heal.

Today, I count my blessings, as I try to do every day. And I pray that others may be able to do the same. I hope that my eyes may be open to how I can help those around me as we all try to make it through this unpredictable life.

Peace be with you.


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