4th of July Faces

For the 4th of July, we had a low-key barbecue in our back yard with some family and friends.

My little man got to sit outside in his high chair outside and was really excited about the blueberries and watermelon.

We tried to put a hat on him to protect his face from the sun, but it didn’t last long.

At the end of the day it ended up with the bib and the high chair cover in the washing machine.

Wait, how’d that one get in there?

Oh, right. Other people were there, too.  Like Elizabeth and Nate.

By the time we finished eating, a certain someone was completely covered in blueberries and watermelon.

And it just went downhill from there.

Once we got him out of his chair and cleaned him up, things went much better.

I love this picture of him and my mom.

These ones of him and my sister aren’t bad, either.

He also is a big fan of my sister’s boyfriend.

Hope you all had a fantastic 4th!

(sorry, Ray.)


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