Back in the Proverbial Saddle

I’m back.

Hi, I’m back. Wanna know how many ponies I have? Nine.

Sorry, that was a flashback to myself at about age four, making a video for my grandparents.

Anyhow. I told you all I hoped to be back blogging again mid-to-late June.  Well, it’s super late June. So sorry.

We’ve been busy here the last several weeks.

There was a wedding:

Wedding photos done by my friend Emma, of frost on flower

And my husband had knee surgery:


And my mom came.  She’s still here for a couple more weeks.

I worked on a few projects, but not as many as I was hoping to do.  But with all these events and being in the process of sleep training and all that, there hasn’t been much time.  And about half of the projects I’ve worked on I’ve forgotten to take pictures of because I’m a big dork.

But I have a few things to tell you about in the coming days.

Glad you all came back to check me out again after my brief furlough from blogging!

Keep checking back here in the next few days for new cool things.

Maybe even check me out on your mobile device.


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